The small web, great products, careers

It’s Friday again — oh how time seems to be flying. I’ve spent a lot of time this week reflecting, and exploring the Indie Web. Open question: what’s your favorite website from the ‘90s or early ‘00s?

Have a lovely weekend!

What I am Reading

Behind Every Great Product” by Mary Cagan (Silicon Valley Product Group)

How to Pick a Career (That Actually Fits You)” by Tim Urban (Wait But Why)

Doordash and Pizza Arbitrage” by Ranjan Roy (Margins Newsletter)

Being Alone” by Ankit Shah

Rediscovering the Small Web” by Parimal Satyal

Interesting Discoveries

Intern.Club — A community to meet other interns, build your network, and make friends. I joined this week, and I don’t regret it! Yes, I know I am not an intern, but they are open to accepting other young people like me :)

Foundation — Foundation is a stock market for independent artists, designers, and brands.

Fig — recently acquired Fig, and it was only this week that I actually read into them. Fig is a crowdfunding platform for computer games.

From Me

  • I’ve been continuing to make some changes to my blog; my internet home. I love the power of being able to control exactly how my site looks.

  • I am continuing work on my podcast interview series. I’ve fallen a bit behind this week, but I am looking to get back on track soon.

  • Working, exercising.

See you next week,

James G.