Passion economy, success, remarkable products

Hello there — thanks for reading this week’s edition! It’s been a productive week, and I’m starting to become more excited about the future.

Have a great weekend!

What I am Reading

How the Passion Economy will disrupt media, education, and countless other industries (Part 1)” by Li Jin

How to Shape Remarkable Products in the Messy Middle of Building Startups” by Scott Belsky and First Round Capital

Science Funding Is Wasting Young Careers. Here's How to Fix It.” by Daniel Bier (Free Think)

The two paths to success” by Paul Buchheit

Steve Jobs 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford

Interesting Discoveries

Indie Web — a movement supporting owning your domain, your own website, and, more broadly, your data.

#100DaysToOffload — a community of people who have committed to writing for 100 days.

Hacker Founder Pop Up — an afternoon virtual pop up experience for young founders and builders.

From Me

  • I’m starting to tinker with a few changes to my blog. Last weekend, I launched a new tool to help keep me accountable for my step count.

  • I am considering moving my blog from Now to my own server. Thoughts?

  • I’ve conducted one interview for my upcoming series, and have many more scheduled.

  • Working.

See you next week,

James G.