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Hello there — thanks for reading! It seems like just yesterday I was writing the first edition of this newsletter (oh, how time flies!).

Last week’s newsletter was received well, and so I have decided to commit to this project. It has never been easier to get distracted by the internet, and I hope that this newsletter can serve as an anchor point to help you find good quality content.

Enjoy your weekend.

What I am Reading

The Amish Health Care System” by Slate Star Codex

The System That Actually Worked” by Charles Fishman (The Atlantic)

Your Elusive Creative Genius” by Elizabeth Gilbert

Google X and the Science of Radical Creativity” by Derek Thompson (The Atlantic)

Half-Time High School May Be Just What Students Need” by Michael Petrilli (Bloomberg)

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit” by Rahul Vohra (First Round Capital)

Interesting Discoveries — An interesting newsletter that explores various trends from a VC perspective. Their latest edition is on paid communities, and was a great read.

Vanilla — A tool to hide menu bar icons on your Mac (for free!)

Neo — A mentorship community and VC fund that helps young people break into tech.

From Me

  • I have published a blog post every day over the last week, and I have no intention on giving up.

  • I am starting an interview series to profile stories from ambitious young people who have broken into a job in tech. If you know anyone who would be a good fit, refer them to me.

  • Working hard.

Thanks for reading,

James G.