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It’s Friday, again. I still get that Friday feeling, and I’m looking forward to doing some coding this weekend.

You’ll see a theme throughout this edition of Coffee with James: there’s a lot of links about the web. The old web is a rabbit hole I’ve been down the last two weeks. Interesting stuff.

Have a good weekend!

What I am Reading

Brilliant Hardware in the Valley of the Software Slump by Craig Mod

Second-guessing the modern web by Tom MacWright

What Happened to the Webmaster by Jay Hoffman

The Bullshit Web by Nick Heer

Advice to younug web developers

Interesting Discoveries

GitCities — The GeoCities animated GIF search engine. Curated by the Internet Archive.

No More Google — The site I used to help find alternatives to the Google products that dominated my online life. I technically discovered this one last year, but it was especially useful this week.

From Me

  • Working on side projects (or at least I am trying to).

  • Thinking about learning Ruby (not Rails, just Ruby).

  • Getting through the days, one by one.

That’s all for this week. See you next week,


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